Caring For Hardwood Floors Without Harming ThemCaring For Hardwood Floors Without Harming Them

Caring For Hardwood Floors Without Harming Them

Hardwood floors are beautiful add-ons that will make your home feel like a haven. To keep your hardwood floors looking their very best, you’ll want to take the proper measures to keep them in tip top shape. Here are a few tips to get started.


 Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer but cleaning them immediately after spills is really a great way to keep those hardwood floors looking good. Certain liquids can ruin hardwood so be sure to clean them up quickly with a mop, washcloth, or paper towel. 

Clean Your Hardwood Floor As Often As Needed

There really is no set frequency you should follow when cleaning your hardwood floor. Your lifestyle will determine how often you should clean it. If you have children or animals you may need to clean your floor more often than someone who lives alone.

It’s O.K. To Vacuum, Sweep, And Dust

Sweeping and dusting your hardwood floors is a common chore with hard floor.  This frequent maintenance will get them clean without scratching them. But did you know it’s o.k. to vacuum them too?  Be sure to find hardwood safe vacuums, and take care not to scratch the wood with the main unit or attachments.

Place Rugs Everywhere

Now, the title of this tip is a little exaggerated. You don’t want to cover up every inch of your beautiful hardwood floor with rugs. But, placing them in front of doors that lead outside and placing accent rugs in the living room, hallway, and under furniture will eliminate the opportunity for dirt to collect on your hardwood floor.

Use Appliance Lifts When Moving Appliances And Furniture

Rolling and dragging heavy appliances and furniture across your hardwood floor can permanently scratch the wood. To prevent this from happening use an appliance lift to transport your appliances and furniture around. You can also place leg protector pads under furniture legs. 

Steer Clear Of Cleaning Products That Will Harm Your Floor

Ammonia based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax based products, water, detergents, bleach, and acidic materials are extremely harmful to your hardwood floors. Use cleaners specifically meant for hardwood floors.

Keep Your Animals Nails Trimmed

Your adorable animals can cause a ton of damage to your hardwood floor. Their nails can easily scratch it up. Be sure to clip their nails regularly.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Out Of Direct Sunlight



The sun’s harmful rays do a lot of damage to your hardwood floors. They can discolor them quite quickly. Use blinds, window treatments or drapes to protect them.

These tips are sure to keep your hardwood floor looking like brand new. Come visit Custom Furniture and Flooring or click below and request a free quote!


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