Timber Motorized Blinds for Your Home

So, you’ve determined that you have a window problem. You don’t feel you have sufficient privacy, (those nosy neighbors!) or the light is damaging your furniture, or you may worry that your current blinds are hazardous to pets and kids.

Enter the Smart Blind, a genius solution in Smart Home technology. Without cords, without slats, the motorized blind is a staple of the Smart Home. It is controlled by a panel on the wall, or from your smartphone or tablet. As you run out of the house to go shopping or late for work, the touch of a button can close all the blinds in the house. No more going through the house closing every blind individually, trying to get it to look just right or all close properly. If you have tall windows in your home, aligning the blinds is a real chore. Those windows enchanted you on first sight, but now you want to curse them for the difficulty their blinds cause. With motorized blinds, you can fall in love with your windows again.

Are you concerned about light damage to your furniture and floors? You can program the blinds to different light levels for different times of day. Does your sitting room get direct western light in the afternoon? Is there an annoying glare that strikes right at the dining room table? Program the Smart Blinds to let less light in when it get to be too much.

The Smart Blinds themselves can detect the light level, and can adjust as the weather around changes. Is the morning overcast, but the afternoon sunny? The motorized blinds will notice and respond. Motorized blinds take all the stress out of protecting your home from light damage.

Even if ease is of no importance, the higher safety level of a motorized blind is worthwhile. Most manual blinds have dangling cords, just at child level. Children fiddle with anything in sight, especially tantalizing window blind cords. Children have become tangled in window blind cords, causing serious injury or even death. A motorized blind has no cord therefore no danger of harm to your children.

Beyond practical home safety, motorized blinds can add to your home security portfolio. If you are going on a long trip, you can program the motorized blinds to adjust throughout the day. When a burglar is scoping a house, change is one of the biggest things they look for: mail piling up in the mailbox, unmown grass, lights off all the time, or dust collecting on the window blinds. With a motorized Smart Blind, potential burglars will notice the movement of the blinds throughout the day, and think you are still home. To a burglar, the only thing worse than a home booby-trapped with poisonous gas and piranhas is an occupied home.

The ease, security, and safety of motorized blinds make them a must-have for your busy home and lifestyle.


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