3 Creative Furniture Pieces to Put at the End of the Bed

Are you wishing you had more space around your home? While you probably can’t move to a new house right away, there’s a way to easily make your house feel more spacious. Many people are wasting space in places you don’t realize, like the bedroom. Stop wasting the space at the end of the bed! Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking how to make use of that area.

Trunks and Other Storage

The end of the bed is a fantastic place to put storage. Even just a small trunk can look very chic, while tastefully hiding your spare sheets or extra pillows. You’ll also notice how open your space can feel even after adding a piece of furniture with the right amount of organization. Dressers, jewelry boxes, and chests can make all the difference in eliminating clutter and giving you a better walking path.


Placing a chaise lounge, ottoman, or bench at the foot of your bed will be both cute and practical. This can be a great area for reading or watching tv, out of bed. This may be just the thing you need to actually spend time in your bedroom beyond sleeping, making it a more useful room in your house.

Television Set

Watching tv before bed is something just about everyone can enjoy. However, some bedrooms are built in ways the make putting a television on the wall difficult to see from bed. A tv stand at the foot of your bed will mean you can comfortably watch TV before bed. You’ll be surprised just how conveniently the television fits there!

There are many ways to spruce up your bedroom. Whether you’re looking to add a new design piece, clear away clutter, or increase the usefulness of your room, there’s something at Custom Furniture and Flooring that can help. We carry high-quality furniture brands, like Ashley Furniture and Forty West. Visit our showroom and find the perfect piece for the end of your bed today.


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