4 Ways to Keep Your Mattress Clean

We all know that you should replace your mattress after 8 years or so, but are you seeing it deteriorate sooner than that? That may have something to do with the way you care for it. You probably know some of the maintenance that comes with owning a mattress but there are a few things you can do to keep your bed lasting longer.

Change Sheets BiWeekly

One of the easier things you can do to uphold the integrity of your mattress it to change and/or clean your bedding every two weeks or so. You may prefer to do it more often than that. While you sleep, you sweat and shed skin cells. Depending on when you bathe (in the morning or evening) you may be transferring the day’s grime onto your sheets just from sleeping. They can get dirty fast so be sure to keep to a schedule when it comes to washing linens.

Avoid Eating In Bed

We all love a midnight snack or breakfast in bed, but unless you’re extra careful, you might want to avoid this treat. Crumbs can get into your bed sheets and make the night pretty uncomfortable but could also be ground into your mattress and cause the same wear and tear that sand does on your hardwood floor.

Rotate Your Mattress

Although many newer mattresses aren’t able to be flipped, you can still rotate your bedding and should every three months or so. This encourages even wear and tear so you don’t end up with a divet in your mattress. Many people sleep in the same position in the same spot and this creates more wear in only that spot. By rotating your mattress, you can evenly wear the mattress, even if you sleep in one place.

Use a Mattress Protector

Another great way to prevent anything from happening to your mattress is to cover it. There are special protectors that slip over your mattress to quite literally protect your bed. They keep your mattress cool, dry, and clean. It’s a great idea to use one of these if you know you might slack every once in a while on these other tips.

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