5 Design Tips for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are increasing in popularity over recent years. Instead of breaking the bank on a huge dwelling, why not live in a smaller home, maximize your living space, and use the extra money on experiences? Many people, probably even some of your friends and neighbors, are beginning to adhere to this philosophy.

While the prospect of having more money for things like traveling and eating out may seem tempting, giving up your spacious home can be scary. The best way to leave the excess behind, without looking back, is to follow a few simple design tips. With these, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on giant rooms at all.

Keep Windows Open and Bright

When you live in a small dwelling, windows make all the difference. They open up cramped areas and allow natural lighting to have an opening effect. Without sufficient windows, you’ll end up feeling like you live in a box! Choose or design your tiny home with as many windows as possible, and make sure you don’t put furniture or dark drapes over them once you’ve moved in.

Make Use of Storage

Look at what you own, decide what’s important to you and what isn’t. Once you know what you want to keep, plan for it in your home. Having a well laid out plan will allow you to organize your space more intelligently once you move in. You’ll also notice how open your space can feel with the right amount of organization. Dressers, jewelry boxes, and chests can make all the difference in eliminating clutter from your daily life.

Incorporate Multipurpose Space

If you designate your space for certain purposes, you’re all but ensuring it won’t be used all the time. Instead, make the most of the space you have by creating multipurpose rooms. For instance, your home office and bedroom could inhabit the same space. To make the best of this situation, use the surrounding wall shelves to your advantage. A simple desk unit, a collection of shelves, and a stylishly concealed murphy bed can combine for a creative and spacious workspace.

Avoid Dark Colors

Keep your small house light! To make your space appear larger, avoid using dark hues. You don’t have to only have white walls and floors, but a light gray or cream coloring will make a room seem much wider than heavy charcoal. Light colored laminate floors or carpeting are also great choices to lighten up your space.

Install Curtain Dividers

You may find that with all your multipurpose space, you want to wall off your work area while you sleep or bedroom while guests are over. A simple, sheer curtain is a great way to easily divide two spaces. Just a small panel is perfect to add a dramatic element and visually separate the living room from the dining room.

Your new house can look fantastic, no matter what size it is. All you need is a few fun design ideas, a little organization, and some light colors and your tiny house will look fantastic. For those in the Swainsboro area, many of these tips can be accomplished with a trip to Custom Flooring and Furniture. We have the expert know-how to help you adequately design your home. Visit our expansive showroom today to get the most out of your tiny home!


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