5 Things Your Front Door Says About Your Home


You can spend months or even years after moving in making your home perfectly fit your tastes. Putting in hardwood floors, painting the walls your favorite color, and hanging beautiful decor around your home go a long way toward impressing house guests. But none of those things will be their first impression. Many homeowners don’t think about it, but your front door is actually the very first thing people see when coming to your house. What is your door saying?

Red- We’re Bold!

A bold red door tells the world that you aren’t afraid of a little color. Behind this type of door is probably a lot of other adventurous design choices, like deep-colored walls and fun furniture. Bold doors don’t have to be red, though. Any color that contrasts with the exterior paint will give off the same impression, so some homeowners prefer bright yellow or even blue.

Glass- We’re Friendly and Inviting!

A glass front door says “come on in!” Guests will already feel a warm welcome before you even open the door with a classy beveled glass entry door or flirty french doors. And if you’re worried about the world seeing into your living room, a nicely draped curtain will give you a little privacy.

Wooden- We’re Classic!

Not everyone’s door needs to stand out in a bold manner. A classic wooden door looks amazing, without distracting visitors from other aspects of your home. If you’re especially proud of your flowers and want people to notice them, or simply don’t care for brave decorating, a wooden door will give off a classy first impression.

Metal- We’re Trendy and Edgy!

When house guests arrive and knock on a metal door, they can already tell the interior decorations are going to blow them away. Iron or steel doors are all the rage right now for those who like a modern interior design style. Black furniture, white laminate flooring, and understated wall hangings are all great compliments to an edgy metal front door.

Decorated- We’re Festive!

Don’t keep your front door bare! Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, or just spring time, there’s always something for your front door to celebrate. Those arriving for a holiday party to a gorgeously decorated front door, complete with a fresh wreath and holly, will already know the party will be fun and festive.

But don’t stop there! Once you’ve outfitted your house with the perfect entry door that expresses your style, it’s time to make sure the flooring matches. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and let us help you make your home truly reflect you.


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