7 Items to Consider for Your Home Office

Ready to spruce up your home office? It’s easy to design a space that will keep you comfortable while inspiring your work ethic. Here are the essential items for a productive, efficient home office environment.


1. A Good Desk

Think about the work you’ll be doing and the type of computer you’ll need to use. A heavy desktop computer will require a sturdier desk with a larger work area than a small laptop or tablet would. If you like to alternate between standing and sitting positions, look for an adjustable-height table or two tables at different heights that will allow you to change position as needed throughout the day.


2. A Solid Desk Chair

It’s tempting to skimp on a great desk chair, especially if you plan to spend part of your day standing. However, money spent on a good chair is never wasted. Even those who do not use their home office very often find that a high quality chair is important for the times that they really need it.


Look for a comfortable chair that is breathable as well as rated for your weight. Also make sure it is adjustable for height, back position, and seat position. If it has armrests, those need to be adjustable, too. Lumbar support can improve a desk chair’s ergonomics, while mesh chairs might keep you cool during the long, hot summers we have here in South Georgia.


3. The Right Computer

If you’re in the market for a new computer for your home office, consider factors such as your preferred operating system and the amount of processing power you need. You may be well served with a professional-level tablet, or you may need a high-powered desktop or laptop that runs Windows or Mac operating systems.


4. A Storage Cabinet

A flexible storage cabinet is a good addition to any office. The most versatile models will hold both files and other items. An easy-to-assemble hanging file cabinet with drawers is a good fit for most setups in smaller rooms.


5. Storage Caddies

You can keep those drawers tidy if you use a few small caddies to keep everything in its place. Caddies will also make it easier to find your tape flags, post-its, pens, and stamps. Look for an organizer with various storage areas to fit most of your needs.


6. A Good Printer

You can find a reasonably priced, multiple-function laser printer that will serve most of your home office scanning, printing, and copying needs. Laser printers are a more cost-effective solution because the toner doesn’t dry out as quickly as the ink in an inkjet printer. You can even find color laser printers at a home office price point.


7. Disk Drives

Even though most of your work may be stored in the cloud, it’s a good idea to have an on-site backup disk in case something happens to your computer’s hard drive. Also, if you have a file that needs to be printed at a FedEx or UPS store, it’s going to be easiest to take it to them on a thumb drive.

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