7 Man Cave Essentials

Assembling the perfect man cave can be daunting. This sacred place is where a man can truly express his style and grandeur, a place for sporting events, video games, and weekday quiet so its contents must be able to handle the occasion. We’ve assembled a list of 7 things you definitely need in your man cave to make the most out of the space.

The Television

The television is such a pivotal feature in any entertainment room. A quality television can make that final play, action scene, or video game that much better. Video and audio quality aid in the success of the room so be sure to get one that meets your man cave standards. 4K or ultra-high definition are the latest trends but before you go out and spend the extra money, make sure that your cable provider offers ultra-high definition broadcast. If not, then that superior television isn’t going to contribute any more than a standard high definition TV.


A good gaming system is the second most important entity in the room. Sony -Playstation 4- and Microsoft -Xbox one- are two top-notch options. Both have a feature where you can download several apps like Netflix and Amazon Video and come with a Blu-ray drive so you can watch the latest 4K movies. They both also offer the newest game releases so you won’t have to worry about missing that game everyone’s talking about.

Turn it Up!

Every good television and gaming system needs more volume. Sound bars and home theater systems are a necessary add-on for the complete experience. These provide a full sense of immersion into the activity you are participating in, whether you’re sporty or a gamer.

game room pool billiardsGame room

If hands-on is more your approach, then a foosball, poker, pool, or ping-pong table may be what you need. These games provide fun for everyone around. A poker night is a perfect way to break up the long week, or a game of pool between you and your friends on the weekend can get you ready for the week ahead.

Just chilling

The most overlooked item for the man cave is a mini fridge. You don’t want to have to pause the fun to have to go to the kitchen for a cold soda or a quick snack. Stock it with your favorite beverages and simple foods and you might just be able to stay in your man cave all day.

The Comfy Seatla-z-boy recliner

Most man caves require a recliner for maximum relaxation and nothing is better than a La-Z-Boy. But you can’t forget about your guests. A comfortable futon or a sectional Ashley sofa are two great options. This gives you functionality out of your room without compromising anything. The futon can be a comfortable spot for your friends to relax and be converted into a bed for guests and a long sofa can seat plenty of people for that big game. 

Personal Touches

Lastly, fill your man cave with all your favorite items. The poster from your favorite comic book hero, sports team, or game character; those pictures of you and your friends that never could find a home in the living room; that collection of memorabilia from your hometown or childhood. This is your chance to express yourself how you want. Have fun with it!


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