Are New Box Springs Necessary?

Box springs are very beneficial to your bed. They provide the height that a number of people prefer, they absorb shock, and they reduce wear on your mattress. So, should you replace your box springs? If so when? Here’s how to tell:

Is The Box Spring Sagging?

Remove your mattress and lay something with a straight edge down on it and if there’s a dip in it, it might be time to replace your boxspring.

Does The Box Spring Squeak?

If the box springs are squeaky, this is a sign that they are weak. They are beginning to get loose so it’s time to replace them.

Is The Steel Grid Bent?

The grid surface used on some box springs are what keeps the mattress level and supported. Without any support the mattress will begin to wear out faster.

Is The Slat Broken?

In some cases, it will be easy to tell that the slat is broken but in others you’ll have to remove the mattress to see if it’s broken or not. If it is, that means you should replace your box spring.

Are The Coils 10 Years Or Older?

If the box spring coils are more than 10 years old and have began to lose their ability to spring upward when pressed on, it’s time to replace them.

If you are in the market for a new bed this information can help you a great deal in your final decision process. Custom Furniture and Flooring has a variety of bed options you can choose from. Contact us today!



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