Avoiding Accidents On Your Office Flooring

The last thing you want in your office is for one of your clients or customers to take a spill and end up on the floor. Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable but other times, there are ways to prevent these falls and slips in your office. We’ve listed a few common accidents that occur in office buildings and what you might be able to do to avoid such incidents in yours.

Slips and Falls

There are many factors that could cause someone to slip or fall in your office. Slippery floors can be because of the floor type, spills, shoe traction, or other factors. If your floor is slippery even in shoes that are made with traction, it might be best to lay down area rugs with rubber padding on the back or post signs indicating that your guests should use caution.


Many people are accident prone and tend to trip over the thin air. These are unavoidable but if there are rugs with rolled edges or something blocking a path, it’s likely that someone won’t see the obstacle. Keep magazines, cords, and stray debris towards the walls and out of the walking path. If there is something that needs to stay where it is, use caution tape to warn approachers that they should step over it or veer away.


Weather can play a big part in how well your flooring holds up to traffic. If there’s been rain and many people are tracking in water, consider a rug at the entrance and encourage guests to wipe their feet. If it rains frequently in your area, it might be wise to have a section by the door for wet umbrellas.

Many offices choose to use church carpeting, a great way to avoid slips and falls, although stains are a concern. Look into all of the office flooring options to pick the best one for your business or call us at Custom Furniture and Flooring to help you make the decision.



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