Bed Time Made Easy: Mattresses for Children

Bed Time Made Easy: Mattresses for Children

For many parents, getting their children to wind down for bed is a long-winded exercise in negotiation. Even if it’s in their best interests to go to sleep at a reasonable time, kids seem content to make each night a routine ritual of kicking and screaming all the way to the bedroom. This, on top of all the usual aches and groans of daily life, can be exhausting. The night should be a time of quiet, not of tantrums. 


As aggravating as it is to manage your unruly charges, it’s not hard to understand why they don’t want to go to sleep. At their age, going to sleep means abandoning pleasurable free time. The best way to amend this problem is to make laying down in the bed itself a pleasure. No child’s going to willingly give up cartoons on the cushy sofa if it means sleeping on something closer to bedrock than the heavenly plush of an Englander mattress. 


Englander mattresses are so soft, so comfortable, that they may make your child look forward to bedtime. Children get sleepy too, despite their statements to the contrary, and the incredible luxury of an Englander mattress cushion could be the extra push needed for bedtime to stop being a daily tug-of-war over the exact specifics of when it is that they have to go to sleep. And hey, when your child does finally go to sleep, the chances that they will wake up in the middle of the night and need you to tuck them in again are reduced drastically, thanks to the research Englander puts into making each one of their beds a revolutionary success in a lasting, quality sleep. 

Furthermore, Englander mattresses are built to be strong, in addition to being comfortable. Featuring hundreds of fully-encased coils, Englander mattresses are going to retain their spring even after a childhood’s worth of using it as a trampoline. And because the coils are so thoroughly sealed, Englander mattresses don’t run the risk of sharp coils poking through the fabric of your mattress and scratching your child. If you thought bedtime was hard enough before they associate pain and getting hurt with it, you’re not going to want to risk it with an inferior mattress. Englander mattresses can last well into a child’s adolescence, and even teenage years without ever needing to be replaced. It’s not just a bed for the ages, it’s a bed for all ages.

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