The Best Bed Sheets for Summer

The heat of summer is here and that means hot and sticky nights. The trick to staying cool at night is not to have the fan on high, but to have the right kind of sheets on your bed. Not all sheets are made equal. Some are made to keep you warm during the cold while others are made to keep you cool during the hot summer months. Here are a few tips on how to find the best bed sheets for comfort and cost in the sweltering heat.

The best options for summer heat are made of 100% natural fibers that let sheets breathe. This allows air to circulate and keeps moisture from being trapped under them and can prevent perspiration at night. Natural fiber sheets include some types of cotton like percale, sateen, and jersey. Silk is also a natural fiber.

When anyone thinks of luxurious sheets, silk always comes to mind. It’s a great option for all types of climates because this material is designed to keep the optimal temperature during any season. Silk helps keep warmth in during the winter and keeps you cool during the summer, making it a universal solution.

Cotton is a more economical choice compared to silk. The closest comparison to silk is sateen; the structure of these sheets makes them feel soft like silk, but without the cost. The downside to these sheets is that they are not as durable as other options. Percale is a good option for bed sheets to stay cool as well. These are typically made with high thread counts (usually 200+) and are closely woven. Jersey is another option for a cool night’s sleep and they are elastic and fit snuggly to the bed.

Choose your sheets wisely (there are plenty of great options!) and you’ll be comfortable and cool throughout the night this summer. And of course, make sure you have the best mattress for a great night’s sleep.


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