Best Flooring Styles for Your Child's BedroomBest Flooring Styles for Your Child’s Bedroom

Best Flooring Styles for Your Child’s Bedroom

The floor in your child’s bedroom needs to be a combination of durable and comfortable. But with all of the options on the market, which do you choose? It turns out that there are several great flooring options for this room of your home, and only a few that aren’t so great. Read on for some renovation inspiration.

It’s very important that your child’s bedroom flooring be strong enough to stand up to whatever they put it through. Dropped toys, spilled drinks, craft supplies like paint and marker, crumbs and leftover food…the list of things your floor will encounter can go on and on. You want a flooring option that won’t be damaged easily and can be cleaned up in seconds. Many parents are choosing to renovate their homes with faux hardwood floors made of laminate throughout, including this style in their children’s bedrooms as well. Laminate is a great option because it does not damage as easily as genuine hardwood and is easy to sweep or wipe up in case of a mess.

Depending on the age of your child, though, laminate may not be the best option. If your child is old enough to crawl but too young to go unsupervised (and create large messes in the process), you’re probably more concerned with his or her comfort than with convenience. You don’t want your toddler crawling around on a cold, hard floor! If you still love the look of laminate (and want the ease of cleanup when your child gets older), consider purchasing a large plush rug for now. This will make the floor more comfortable for your baby. The other option is to choose carpet. If you go this route, it is best to choose a color that is dark enough to hide some stains– white or tan carpet in a nursery is just asking for a mess to be made. Even if you choose carpet, you may still want to lay small rugs over high traffic areas so that the carpet will be protected from wear and stains.

It’s best to stay away from tile flooring. Not only will tile echo (making your child’s cries even louder) but in the case of a fall, it will hurt more to land on tile than on carpet or a rug. While tile is perhaps even easier to clean than laminate (since you can use bleach on it), it’s best to avoid the temptation and choose laminate or carpet instead. Your child will appreciate it and your child’s bedroom will look and function just as it should for optimum fun and practicality.


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