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Best Flooring Types for Businesses

What kinds of businesses need flooring that fits? Why all of them of course! Though all businesses need flooring you’ll definitely want to pick the flooring that’s the best fit for YOUR business. It can be a hard choice because there are so many options but every business needs a floor to stand on its own. So what kind of floors go best with which businesses?



Laminate flooring is strong and durable which makes it a great option for high traffic areas like shopping centers and schools. It’s also relatively easy to manage and keep clean which is a plus for a well trafficked floor! But the best part is that laminate flooring comes in a ton of different styles and is all about mimicking other floorings — so you can have the class of hardwood flooring but the sturdiness and ease of laminate!



Vinyl flooring, like laminate, is strong and durable so it can be a great option for well trafficked areas like shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. It’s maintenance is to die for — just a quick sweep and mop and it’s good as new! And, just like laminate, vinyl comes in a ton of designs and styles so you loads of options.



Carpet can be anywhere from soft and fluffy to firm and thick. So carpet can cater to a large range of consumers. For instance, carpet can work well in office buildings, doctor’s offices, daycares, and churches. And that’s just the beginning! The coolest fact about carpet is that it helps reduce noise so it definitely helps at places that have a lot of people talking at once.


Hopefully this helps you in deciding what kind of flooring is best for your business. At Custom Furniture and Flooring we carry all these types of flooring and more! Come visit us in Swainsboro or call us on the phone at [478] 237 – 6483. We’d love to hear from you! Remember, “You can trust’em at Custom!”

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