Blinds to Keep Out the Summer Sun


Summer will be here again before you know it, and we all know how quickly things heat up once those months roll around. And while the heat of the day is great for an afternoon at the beach or relaxing in the pool, most of us want to keep it out of our houses. Fortunately, Timber is here to help. Our premiere window treatments can help to block out those hot rays– and look great doing it. We have two collections of blinds that you can choose from.

Did you know that Timber blinds can not only keep out the summer sun, but also lower your energy bills? That’s right– our Duette shades, which come in a distinctive honeycomb shape, are specially designed to help regulate the temperature of a room, keeping things at a steady temperature year-round. Light pouring in through an uncovered window during the long summer days means that things can get really hot really quickly. Our Duette shades will force some of that heat out, which lowers the burden on your air conditioner. The result is that you’ll see a lower energy bill all summer long. These products are available in a variety of fabrics and patterns, so you’re sure to find something that fits your decor perfectly.

Another great option for your home is our Silhouette collection. These blinds are designed to diffuse the sunlight as it comes through the window, softening the harsh rays as it disperses them across the room. To control the amount of light that enters through the window, simply tilt the blinds until things are exactly the way you want them. This is a nice way to keep some natural light in your home while still avoiding the harshness that the summer sun often brings because it gives you control as to exactly how much light you let inside. The Alustra collection of Silhouette, the premium version of this model, is available in multiple finishes including hardwood and metallic vanes.

We’re confident that you’ll love our Timber products. They are specially designed to keep out the heat of the summer while still giving your home the natural light that you love. They’re also high quality and we know that you’ll be pleased with what you get. Come visit us today, and we’ll help you find the product that’s perfect for your home.


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