Can the Cold Harm Your Floors?

Here in the south, we get very few cold snaps. When they do happen, though, we often start thinking about things that aren’t a concern during other times of the year. For instance, many are wondering if this cold weather could be detrimental to their hardwood flooring. Most likely, the answer for your home is no, but there are several factors that could turn that no into a resounding yes. Let’s look at them here.

As you may already know, any change of temperature (especially sudden ones) can contribute to the expansion and shrinking of wood boards. This means that you might see some gapping from time to time. Likely, once the weather warms up outside, you’ll see your flooring returning back to normal. This is just a temporary reaction as your floors settle into the new weather.

Usually, these seasonal temperature changes aren’t enough to ruin your floors. For temperature to have an adverse effect on your flooring, there would need to be frequent and drastic temperature changes. In addition, your home would need to see moisture levels that fluctuate or are unusually high for the weather to be a major cause of your flooring’s downfall.

Many times, it would take years of this extreme back and forth to cause the kind of cupping or buckling that would see your hardwood flooring in need of repair or replacement. If your home is properly insulated and the floor is installed correctly, your hardwood should last decades. Call and talk with one of our installation technicians to discuss your hardwood flooring options and how your home will benefit from a new wood floor.

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