Caring For Vinyl Floors In A Jiffy

Vinyl flooring is a versatile, resilient style of flooring that will add a nice touch to any home. Vinyl floors are fairly easy to maintain and they can be so gorgeous. Here are a few tips on keeping those vinyl floors in tip-top shape. 

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

spill on floor

Allowing any type of liquid to sit on your vinyl floor for a long period of time can be dangerous. The liquid will work its way into the seams of the vinyl floor and destroy the glue that binds it down. This will cause the corners of the floor to curl, and may cause ripples as well.

Clean Your Vinyl Floor As Often As Needed

There is no set amount of times a week that you are required to clean your vinyl floor. Depending on your lifestyle will determine how often you should clean it. A quick sweep of a broom should get rid of any dirt and dust, and anything more can be done as needed.

Use The Correct Cleaner

Some vinyl floors are wax based while others are not. Be sure you know what type of vinyl floor you have before putting any type of cleaner on it. When you figure it out, use the cleaner made specifically for your floor type–ask us if you don’t know how to clean it.

Vacuum Or Dry Mop The Floor Before Wet Cleaning

Use a vacuum or dry mop to pick up large dust particles, dirt and anything else a wet mop cannot pick up on its own. Be sure to use a vinyl safe vacuum cleaner or a vacuum hose.

Use An Appliance Lift Or Plywood Panel To Move Large Furniture Or Heavy Appliances

Your furniture and/or appliances can cause permanent damage to your vinyl floor. When moving these items around, be sure to place them on an appliance lift or plywood panel to transport them.

Getting Rid Of Scuffs And Smudges


Lets face it, scuffs and smudges are unavoidable. Fortunately they are very easy to remove. Simply use your finger to rub them away or use an eraser to rub them away. Clean the area with a cleaner that is specifically made for your style of vinyl.

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