Carpet for Your Bedroom is Always a Good Idea

In most of the interior design magazines or websites today, you see a shift towards hardwood or fancy, decorative tile. While those options are beautiful and on trend (right now), there are still some rooms where carpet. Let’s explore the reasons why many people still prefer carpet in their bedroom.


Quieter Space

Most people tend to prefer quiet when trying to sleep. No one wants to be woken up by the sound of someone else clomping through the bedroom. Carpet is quieter to walk on than hard surface flooring which helps to mask the sound of a partner walking around the room. This can be especially beneficial when partners have different schedules. Also, carpet absorbs sound—while hard flooring reflects it—reducing any type of noise.


Warmer, Softer Step

Most people don’t enjoy waking up to an alarm every morning and having to leave the warmth of a bed, but it can make matters worse when your first steps are made into a cold, hard floor. On the other hand, carpet provides a nice transition between the comfort of the bed and the reality of facing another day. At the end of the day, when your feet are aching after a hard day’s work, it’s nice to have a cushioned place for them to land. A high-quality carpet pad will make the already soft carpet feel even more luxurious.


Easier to Breathe

With all the time people spend in the bedroom—albeit much of it sleeping—air quality is an important consideration, especially for people with asthma and allergies. Numerous studies over the past several decades have shown that carpet reduces the number of allergens in the air as compared to hard flooring. Carpet prevents allergens from becoming airborne by trapping them in the fibers of the carpet, helping to keep them out of the air and out of your lungs. Vacuuming the carpet then removes the trapped allergens completely. Another plus is that those not so cute dust bunnies almost disappear with carpet, too!

Carpet in your bedroom helps provide a restful, inviting oasis for you and your partner to enjoy. It’s important for our physical and mental wellbeing to get a sound, peaceful sleep each night and by having carpet in this room can contribute to your overall health. Stop by and see our carpet selection today and let one of our experienced staff help you choose the best carpet for your bedroom!

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