Carpet or Wood For Your Stairs

The decision on whether to place carpet on your stairs or to stay with the underlying wood surface is not one that should be taken lightly. There are many factors that should be considered. Here we have four of the most notable to look into when deciding. 



Depending on the décor of the surrounding rooms and the entryway, either carpet or wood may be the better choice. For instance, large marble foyers lend themselves much better to wood while more intimate hallways that are already carpeted can continue the motif up the stairs. In the end, the decision is really a matter of taste so a homeowner is advised to opt for what seems natural to them.


Noise Level

Without a doubt, carpet provides a sound deadening environment which can be highly desirable if there is a lot of traffic (especially by children who are not known for light footsteps!) on the stairs. No one likes to be awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of footsteps plodding up or down the stairs.


Safety Concerns

Carpeting certainly provides surer footing for everyone in the home from children to seniors while hardwood floors (especially those polished to a beautiful gleam) can become treacherous. In addition, an actual fall is somewhat mitigated by the cushioning effect of carpet as opposed to the essentially unyielding nature of wood floors.



Both types of flooring require regular maintenance to keep up their appearance and to ensure a long life. Carpeting is slightly easier to maintain as it only needs vacuuming and the occasional deep cleaning. Wood floors will need to be swept, mopped, or even refinished.

These are not the only factors that determine whether a homeowner should install carpet or wood floors but they do provide a good foundation for your decision. For more information on carpet, wood, and other flooring options, please contact us at Custom Furniture & Flooring so that we can get you and your home or office fitted with the perfect flooring. Remember, “you can trust’em at Custom!”


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