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Creating a Welcoming Living Room“Church Carpeting” For Any Business

Although we call the carpeting made for high traffic areas “church carpeting,” that doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere. There are many businesses that get a lot of foot traffic that benefit from this type of carpeting and we’re sure yours could, too. We’ve already gone over what makes church carpeting different in another

daycare flooringFlooring Options For Daycares

Any space that houses children, especially a large group of them, should have the right features. You may have already thought about the essentials, like rocking chairs, toys, mats, and more but you might not have considered the flooring choice. There are several options and benefits to each. Let’s look at the types of flooring

office flooringProtecting Your Office Flooring

You spend much of your time in your office and the flooring there is subject to just as much wear and tear as your home floor. There are chairs rolling around, shoes walking back and forth, and even spills and stains. There are a few ways to make sure your office flooring lasts through years of

Flooring for Your Specialty BusinessFlooring for Your Specialty Business

Certain specialty businesses have unique needs when it comes to their floors. The right floor can help you to meet your customers’ needs and make your work go more smoothly. Here are a few types of businesses that need specific types of flooring, and we’ve outlined the best types for those businesses. Daycare The number

Avoiding Accidents On Your Office FlooringAvoiding Accidents On Your Office Flooring

The last thing you want in your office is for one of your clients or customers to take a spill and end up on the floor. Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable but other times, there are ways to prevent these falls and slips in your office. We’ve listed a few common accidents that occur in office

Choosing Flooring For Your OfficeChoosing Flooring For Your Office

An office’s floorspace has many requirements that should be met to set the mood and create a friendly environment for you and your employees. There are many flooring options you can explore to decide what best meets your office’s need. Whether you’re a multi-building enterprise or a proprietor of a single office, your choice of

How to Pick the Right Commercial FlooringHow to Pick the Right Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring needs to stand up to much more than home flooring, especially in high traffic areas. Fortunately, there are many options available to fit any budget and set of needs. Here are some questions that will help you choose the right, high-traffic commercial flooring material for your business or office. What look are you

Caring For Vinyl Floors In A JiffyChoosing Vinyl For Your Office Flooring

With many options for commercial flooring in your office, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Although there are several great choices, in general, vinyl flooring is a fantastic option for nearly any office building. Durability Vinyl flooring is know for its incredible durability. It’s extremely resilient and can withstand the heavy

Do You Need Church CarpetingDo You Need Church Carpeting?

No matter how many churches you may have been in, many of them have similar carpeting styles. Church carpeting is a wrinkle-free, low, sound-reflecting carpet, perfect for years and years of many, many people walking over it. Several companies also offer pew cushions to match or will dye your carpeting to match so that everything

Choosing a Commercial FlooringChoosing a Commercial Flooring

If you’re just starting a business or getting ready to do a make over, consider the type of flooring you want in your space. It’s going to be one of the first things that customers or visitors see (and hear) in your commercial space so it has to make a great first impression. Wood flooring is