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Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Without a good night’s rest it can be nearly impossible to have a productive day so the bedroom is definitely an area you want to be done right. Here are a few things that we’ve found are important in a bedroom.   Sheets and Pillows You’ve probably noticed that beds in hotels have more layers

7 Items to Consider for Your Home Office

Ready to spruce up your home office? It’s easy to design a space that will keep you comfortable while inspiring your work ethic. Here are the essential items for a productive, efficient home office environment.   1. A Good Desk Think about the work you’ll be doing and the type of computer you’ll need to

 Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Options

The best way to create a relaxing bedroom is with matching furniture that’s simple and sturdy. You don’t want your bedroom to feel crowded but still fit all the necessary comforts and conveniences. Be mindful of your allotted space as you go. Start with the staples and branch out from there. As you decide on

Essential Furniture for Your Living Room

If you want your living room to be phenomenal, you must invest in it. So, what furniture do you need for a living room to make it stand out? It should be the kind of furniture that will say something about who you are. Therefore, you need to choose your living room furniture according to

Give Dad What He Really Wants This Year — A Recliner!

Well, it is that time of year where we celebrate fathers. Good old dad is typically easy to please and beams with pride at any gift or gesture of appreciate. Let’s be honest though! Does he really need another tie or want his name spelled out in macaroni again? Now, hand made gifts are special

How to Make Your Living Room Cozy and Comfy

There are infinite directions you can take when choosing furniture for your living room. A word to the wise: keeping a few easy guidelines in mind will assure you make it cozy and cohesive. Let’s be real: choosing furniture for your home can be stressful and exciting. Our homes are our places to relax, and

Deck Out Your Living Room

The living room is a major player in any house that entertains and you want it to look nice, presentable, and at least somewhat impressive. So what kind of things does a living room need? Seating: First off, you’re gonna need somewhere for everyone to sit. You could go with a bunch of random chairs

Furnishing Your Dining Room

The dining room is fairly straightforward — it’s the room where we dine. But what does a dining room really need? Here are a few things that every dining room can use:   A Table and Chairs A table is the heart and soul of family meals — you can’t just stand around an empty

Choosing a Chair

A search for the perfect place to fit can be challenging. Do you want a seat that conforms to you? A sinking cushion where you can settle for hours? Or do you want a firm chair that’ll keep you straight? The problem is that there are so many great options [and a few not so

Why Bed Frames Are Important

Nothing makes for a quality night of sleep like a quality bed. And the best beds are more than just mattresses. They’re a union of mattress and frame— that’s why they call it a ‘bed’ frame! Like good things in life, a bed can only be the best it can be when things come together.