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Could it Be Time For a New Carpet?Could it Be Time For a New Carpet?

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and that if you own a carpet, it will eventually fall victim to at least one stain over the course of its lifetime. Carpets are a great way to stylize a room how you see fit. There are many different kinds of carpets, from classic wool flooring

KitchenAffordable Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is often considered the heart of any home, so it’s understandable that we want it to look good, as well as be practical. Refitting a kitchen is rarely an inexpensive project – the appliances alone can cost a small fortune – and once the main work is done, the final job is often

Scratches on Your Wood FloorHow to Tell When Your Flooring Needs Replacing

Upgrading your flooring can breathe back life into a dull room. These rooms might have been neglected due to a busy routine or simply because they are used less when compared to other rooms. For example, guest rooms are not always in use. The flooring, however, needs to be upgraded to express your home décor,

KitchenKitchen Flooring

There are many elements to consider when you are remodeling your kitchen. One important feature is the flooring. The flooring you choose for your kitchen can add a lot to the overall look of the room.   These days there are many options available for kitchen flooring. When you are choosing your flooring – be sure

bedroom blinds rollupReasons to Remodel Your Guest Room Floor

A busy routine may cause you to neglect certain parts of the home. Indeed, guest rooms can easily turn into dark spaces that are only used when you have visitors. Luckily, you can breathe life into a dull guest room by upgrading your flooring. With low-cost flooring options, you can spice up your guest room

Guest Bedroom RefreshBrighten Up Your Guest Room

Having a guest room is very convenient when guests come to visit. And though it gets used less than other rooms in your home, you’ll still want it to look its best. Visitors should feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. If your guest room is lacking those qualities or looking a little boring and dated, it’s

What to Consider When Shopping For CarpetingWhat to Consider When Shopping For Carpeting

If you’re looking to replace your old carpeting with something new, you might feel stressed about finding the right thing. It doesn’t have to be an intimidating task or one that takes all of your energy. Simply make a list of what you need, what you want, and what you don’t want at all and

Guest RoomFlooring For Your Guest Room

A guest room is a great asset. Being able to invite friends and family over to stay is something not many people have the room for. If you’ve got an extra room and are looking to turn it into a space for guests to call their own in your home, you’ll want to pick the

welcoming living roomCreating a Welcoming Living Room

You spend a lot of time in your living room. This is not only where your family gathers for movie nights, game time, breakfast cartoons, and much more but also the space you invite guests to. Your visitors may only see this one room of your house, or spend much of their time here so

laminate flooring cleaning kitchenCleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great choice for your home and once you’ve got it installed, you’ll want to take some time learning how to maintain it. Not all floors are cleaned the same and if you’re not used to laminate flooring, you might end up doing more damage than good. Here are a few tips