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Use Rugs to Protect Your Floor

Rugs are one of the best ways to protect your floors from the wear and tear of daily life. They’re affordable and stylish, and they can be easily switched out whenever necessary. All of this makes them a great choice for many homes. Whether your home has carpet, laminate, or hardwood floors, you can almost

How Can Our New Ashley Furniture Kiosk Work for You?

Shoppers everywhere are taking to the world wide web to purchase everything from groceries to furniture to vehicles. At Custom Furniture and Flooring, we understand that technology can be beneficial but know it can also be overwhelming. Often when you buy from a big box, random online store, you do not get the experience you

What is Our Catalog Kiosk?

Custom Flooring and Furniture has been in business since 1962. Now, we have all experienced firsthand how technology allows us to create, stay in touch, and live like we never thought possible. We can do everything from our phones and handheld devices like turning on the oven, lights, TV, and A/C without ever leaving our

Living RoomThanksgiving is Near and Guests are Here

Thanksgiving is just around the bend and for many people that means it’s time to have everyone over for the holiday. And while it’s nice to see everyone it’s hard work having guests in your home. Maybe it’s the lack of privacy or maybe it’s the criticism that can only come from family but having

curio cabinet for valuables and collectibles4 Collectible Items to Put in a Curio Cabinet

If you’re not exactly sure what a curio is, you’ve probably seen plenty of them in stores or home displaying precious items. Curio cabinets usually have glass panels along the sides as well as the front, with a solid wood frame to support it. They’re similar to china cabinets in that they store valuables with a

clean up home4 Places Not To Miss The Next Time You Clean Up

You’ve probably got your cleaning routine down. Mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping every week or so; dishes; laundry; even dusting and organizing. But it’s likely that your cleaning schedule doesn’t cover everything. Here are a few places that many people forget when they clean up. Couch Cushions While you may occasionally spot clean or vacuum your

Keeping Your Floor CleanKeeping Your Floor Clean

Now that spring cleaning is in full swing, you’re probably looking for ways to keep from undoing all of the hard work you’ve already done. This is especially true when it comes to your floor. Your floor sees a lot of traffic over the course of the day, and it’s one of the first parts

Arm Chairs or ReclinersArm Chairs or Recliners?

One of the best pieces of furniture you can get for your living room is a big, comfy chair. However, with all of the options on the market, you may have a hard time deciding what’s best for you. Two of the most popular types of chairs are arm chairs (with or without a footrest

6 Decorating Apps For Your Home6 Decorating Apps For Your Home

We all know the feeling we get when we are trying to decorate our home but never seem to get the feng shui just right. Well, fortunately for you (and the rest of us), there are decorating apps to save us all the stress of doing it on our own. “Like That” Decor And Furniture