Changing Your Mattress Every 7-10 Years

Your mattress is so much more than the cushion you sleep on. It’s the primary support for your spine, neck, and head when you lay down for the night. Over time, mattresses can lose their firmness and begin to break down. If you can’t remember when you purchased your mattress or seem to find yourself always rolling toward the middle, you may want to go shopping for a new one.


How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Mattresses aren’t designed to last forever. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years (sometimes even sooner). As soon as your mattress begins to lose its firmness, it will start to affect your sleep patterns. The higher the quality of your mattress, the longer you will be able to sleep on it before it starts to show signs of everyday wear and tear.


Know the Signs of Wear and Tear

One of the most common signs that your mattress is breaking down is a large dip or valley where you sleep. It’s recommended that you flip and rotate your mattress every three to six months to ensure uniform wear and to help your mattress keep its shape for as long as possible. It won’t prevent the breakdown from occurring, but it will prolong the life of your mattress. You may also notice depressions along the outside edge of the mattress from when you are getting in and out of bed.


Choosing the Right Mattress

Every person is different in terms of sleeping habits. Some prefer a soft mattress, while others prefer one that is very firm and offers maximum support to their neck and spine. Before choosing a mattress, look at several. Lay down on each one and relax, allowing your body to conform to the surface of the mattress. Just like a good pair of shoes, you need to “try on” your mattress before you buy it.


Take a close look at your mattress to find out how well it is holding up. If it’s older than seven years – you may want to think about shopping for a new one! Take the time to check out how your body responds to each mattress you look at. A few minutes in the showroom will allow you to find a mattress that will allow you to sleep comfortably all night long. It will minimize the tossing and turning that occurs when your body is trying to find its comfort zone. Don’t wait until you can’t sleep or get comfortable – changing your mattress can be the answer to all of your sleepless nights!


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