How to Choose a Living Room LayoutHow to Choose a Living Room Layout

How to Choose a Living Room Layout

The way that you set up the furniture in your living room can say a lot about you. Depending on your lifestyle and the needs that come with it, there are certain layouts that can make life a lot simpler. If you’re decorating for the first time or looking to shake things up, check out these tips for how to make your living room layout work for you.

Keep Things Symmetric (or Not!)

Formal living rooms tend to work with symmetry: end tables on either side of a couch, two chairs on opposite sides of the room, and so on. Using symmetry can make your room feel put together and neat. On the other hand, intentionally avoiding symmetric arrangements can give your room a funky casual feel. If you like the idea of symmetry but don’t want things to be rigid, you can compromise. Have two chairs on either side of a coffee table, for example, but make sure that the two chairs are different in style, material, or color.

Mind Your Focal Point

What is the focal point of your room? Is it that 60-inch flat screen TV? Your cozy fireplace? Whatever it is, consider orienting the rest of your furniture towards it. This will make it clear that your room was designed with a specific function in mind. It will also make things more enjoyable for when you have guests over because everyone will be able to enjoy the TV comfortably.

Encourage Conversation

If you don’t have a singular focal point for your room, make the people in it the focus. Arranging a variety of seating options in a circle or semicircle encourages your guests to socialize with each other. This way no one feels like they’ve been stuck in a corner and everyone can participate in the conversation. If you choose this type of layout, it’s best to arrange the furniture so that there’s a path through the room that doesn’t cut in front of the conversation areas.

Don’t Forget the Kids

If you have kids, it’s a great idea to give them a space in the living room that’s all their own. That way, they can participate whenever you’ve got guests over, but they have their own spot so that the adults don’t have to step over toys all night. Coordinate your decor so that the kids’ area matches the rest of the room to help tie everything together. You can create a tasteful division between areas by using a couch or table to mark where the kids’ space ends and the adults’ begins.

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