Choosing Flooring For Your Office

An office’s floorspace has many requirements that should be met to set the mood and create a friendly environment for you and your employees. There are many flooring options you can explore to decide what best meets your office’s need. Whether you’re a multi-building enterprise or a proprietor of a single office, your choice of flooring can set the tone of your business’s working environment for years.

Figure out how much foot traffic your office will see

Depending on your business model, your office may or may not have lots of customers and employees coming in on a daily basis. For businesses expecting lots of foot traffic, we’d suggest a sturdy flooring that is resistant to outside track-ins. Vinyl floors are most popular for high traffic, they are very simple to clean and can be repaired easier than hardwood. Also, consider church carpet that is great for high-traffic areas/

For low traffic expectations, loop-pile carpet and laminate usually win out for the cost reduction. These floorings can be more difficult to keep clean, but, if your office isn’t seeing lots of foot traffic, the difference is often negligible.

Consider your furniture’s effect on the flooring

For offices requiring large, standing furniture, it’s probably best to invest in a sturdy floor. Vinyl, for example, is far less likely to be damaged by moving heavy furniture around.

Employee workstation requirements should also be taken into account when deciding on flooring choice. If your employees require lots of movement or your business depends on the operation of machinery, the flooring should scale to meet the resulting stress.

Do safety regulations require a certain type of floor for your business?

Be careful and do some research into the federal or state safety regulations involved in your industry before settling on a floor. It could be that your industry’s regulations require a certain type of flooring for your office or shoe wear for your employees. If so, you should do your best to meet these regulations and go with the floor that best satisfies them.

If it becomes difficult to decide on a floor for your office, try asking others in your industry what they settled on. You’ll probably find that others had the same problem and found a unique fix or piece of advice that helped them towards a satisfying decision.

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