Choosing The Right Englander Mattress

Does this describe your current mattress?  You toss and turn when you lay on it, you writhe in discomfort when you climb out of it and it sure looks as though it’s sagging in not one, but several places.

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If you’ve enjoyed 10 or 15 years with your mattress, there’s no denying the telltale signs that your mattress is on its last legs. If you heed these signs, you’ll soon be deciding which Englander mattress best suits your needs.

Types of Mattresses

Selecting the right brand is an important step in purchasing a new mattress, but it’s not the only one. You still have to decide between the different types of mattresses. Choosing any mattress is part art, part science. But when you turn to the people who ought to know a thing or two about getting a restful night’s sleep – The Better Sleep Council – you’ll feel like an expert in no time. The four basic types of mattresses include:

  • Innerspring mattresses, which are built with a steel coil support system and covered with padding or upholstery. These mattresses are the most popular choice among consumers, partly because they offer a wide range of firmness options.
  • Memory foam mattresses, which soften, and mold to the body through body heat. Although these mattresses can become warm during the night, the flip side is that they can provide relief to pressure points and reduce aches and pains. They also deftly absorb movement.
  • Latex mattresses, which are made of rubber and literally bounce back from contact to provide a great deal of firm support.
  • Air mattresses, which resemble innerspring mattresses but whose chambers are filled with air instead of coils. This means that the two chambers can be filled to different capacity levels, thereby suiting two people who have very different comfort preferences.

To ensure that your new Englander mattress is compatible with your preference, subject it to a 20-minute “comfort test.” In the store, take the time to spend five minutes laying on each side, your stomach and your back so that you can determine if the mattress passes your test.

Choose Your Next Mattress Wisely

Some styles from Englander include Lifestyle, e-Gel, Latex, Memory Foam, the Hotel Collection and the Posture Support Collection.  You should familiarize yourself with each one, because each mattress has a specific customer type in mind.  Take the time to learn which customer type you are, and what your sleep needs are, before you make a 10-15 year commitment with an Englander mattress.

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Whether or not you suffer from back pain now, most people report getting a better night’s sleep on a mattress that is graded medium to firm rather than one that is softer, sleep experts say. With an Englander mattress – a mattress that also passes stringent durability and comfort standards – your better night’s sleep is a virtual guarantee.

At Custom Furniture and Flooring, we want to make sure your next mattress gives you years of comfort and support.  We’ve been helping our customers find the perfect flooring and furniture since 1962, so if you need some help, come by our showroom, call us at 478-237-6483 or contact us to get our expert advice.

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