“Church Carpeting” For Any Business

Although we call the carpeting made for high traffic areas “church carpeting,” that doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere. There are many businesses that get a lot of foot traffic that benefit from this type of carpeting and we’re sure yours could, too.

We’ve already gone over what makes church carpeting different in another post but here’s a quick rundown. Like we said, it’s made for traffic. It’s already packed down and won’t be disturbed or ruined by many people walking the area. It’s also easier to keep clean than other carpets with loop piles.

Now, let’s look at the other places you might see this type of carpeting and if it’s right for your business.


Most hotel rooms (and even hallways and lobbies) have church carpeting. So many people go through these spaces that it’s easy to see why the designers would choose it. Housekeeping can easily vacuum (or even sweep) church carpeting to combat mess and since they do this nearly daily, the quicker the cleanup, the better your guests’ stay will be.

Government Buildings

Places like libraries, government offices, and schools see plenty of traffic, not just from employees but from patrons who need their services. With so many visitors, these buildings need to look nice without compromising on durability.


Atriums in places like hotels, libraries, and museums may be the only spots in those building with this type of carpeting but these lobbies are also the main place people gather. Businesses may choose to install church carpeting in only the high traffic areas and pick hardwood, vinyl, or other carpeting for the areas only a few people will see.

Wherever and however you choose to use church carpeting in your business’s building, know that you’ll be getting a durable choice for those high traffic areas and cleanup will be easier than ever. Trust us at Custom Furniture and Flooring with your next flooring remodel and love your floor for years to come.

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