Do You Need Church Carpeting?

No matter how many churches you may have been in, many of them have similar carpeting styles. Church carpeting is a wrinkle-free, low, sound-reflecting carpet, perfect for years and years of many, many people walking over it. Several companies also offer pew cushions to match or will dye your carpeting to match so that everything in your sanctuary looks heavenly.

There are many benefits to having carpeting made especially for churches put down in your sanctuary.

Churches usually go with non-distracting patterns or solid colors (usually dark red or green) to avoid taking attention off of the service. Simple colors and tight patterns allow for limited chances of distracting toddlers or those with short attention spans to keep the focus on the sermon or choir.

Many church sanctuaries see a large amount of traffic on a weekly basis, two or three nights a week and sometimes even twice on Sunday’s. For this reason, the carpets are packed and low already to consistently stay one texture. Many moving bodies trekking over the floor would surely have it as tightly packed as it comes in a mere few short Sundays. Having it low already reduces the risk of unevenly packed carpet or places that are looser in areas that don;t see a lot of footfalls.

With toddlers running around, communion occurring, and general spills that are unavoidable, stains are bound to happen. The packed
red carpet texture of church carpeting allows for liquids to stay more to the surface and many carpets like these are made to resist stains.

In addition to the many great properties that make church carpeting the best choice for your sanctuary, we’ve got a fantastic selections for you to choose from. Browse our portfolio here to see what we’ve done to help churches get the perfect flooring in the past and what we can do for you.


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