Which Color Carpeting is Best for your Purpose?

Some people know exactly the perfect color for their carpeting. They’ve imagined it in their rooms, perfectly matched to the walls and floral arrangements, and can’t wait to march down the aisles of the flooring store to pick it out. Others aren’t sure what color carpet to use. “A carpets a carpet, right? Just slap it down and move on.” Slow down, carpet seeker! The color of your carpet can enhance your room, make it feel bigger or cozier, or cover dirt and stains.

Here is a guide to how the color of carpet can change the feel of your room.

Light Neutrals

Lighter carpets can make a room feel bigger and brighter. A pure white carpet will give a striking feel to your guest bedroom or living room. Creams are sophisticated. Light grays or browns can provide a backdrop for brighter furnishings.

Light colors do, however, stain and show dirty easily. If you have pets or kids, lighter carpets might be difficult to keep clean in the beautiful chaos of raising a family.

Dark Colors

Dark Colors are dramatic and rich. We all know the saying, “Roll out the Red Carpet” to indicate people of power and prestige. Darker colors in shades of reds and blues give a regal feel, while browns and other neutrals make the room feel cozy. Black is daring, for the boldest of home-owners. Dark colors hide dirt and footprints but show lint better.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors, in any shade of the rainbow, can be playful. Kids bedrooms are the first obvious place for bright colored carpeting but don’t limit yourself. If you are going for a “Blue Willow” themed breakfast room, blue carpet might be a nice foundation. If your living room is to feel modern and chic, a bright orange rug or carpet paired with chrome furniture will deliver the goods.   

Multi-colored Carpets

A multi-colored carpeting can give a room a unique feel. Whether the individual strands are different colors, or if there is a pattern, the multi-colored carpet can make or break your room. If the room is already “Loud” with decorations and paint, a multi-colored carpet may clash. But if the decor is more subdued, multi-color can make the room more interesting. Best of all, multi-colored carpets hide dirt, stains, and lint.

So, by determining your desired feel for the room, you can determine which carpeting color is best for your home. Best of luck in choosing your new carpeting in the perfect shade for you!

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