Commercial Flooring Options for Your Business

Flooring is pretty important – one could almost say it’s the foundation of a business. That makes choosing the right flooring for your business pretty important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the flooring for your business.


Before anything else, you need to ask yourself a few things before making your deliberation:

  • How much foot traffic?
  • What kind of durability am I looking for?
  • What look do I want for this area?
  • What kind of sub-flooring material is there?
  • What’s my budget?
  • And lastly, how much moisture is going to be indoors?


Once you’ve answered those questions it’s time to go into the options. There are several potential flooring types for a commercial business.



Wood flooring is a classic and is a flooring staple for a reason. It looks classy, is pretty much always “in,” and has so many different options. Since it’s not too hard to clean and fairly durable, wood floors properly installed and taken care of properly can last a good while – though you’ll need to look out for humidity and other types of moisture.



Vinyl is a great option for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance floor that should last awhile. Not only that but it has a great number of designs and options and so can be pretty customizable. If your business is going to be high traffic vinyl may just be your best bet.



While carpet may be the higher maintenance of the three flooring types listed here it does come with its own benefits. Carpet is comfortable, cozy, reduces noise, insulating, and energy efficient. Of course, carpet can be tough to clean so it may not be the best choice for higher trafficked areas.


Working with high quality materials and our experienced installation team is your best bet for a successful end product. We invite you to use our expertise to your benefit! Contact us with any questions about your commercial flooring options!

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