Commercial Tile Design Ideas

modern tiled floor

Tile is one of the most attractive, and most affordable, flooring materials for commercial spaces. A well designed tile floor can pull together a room, without breaking the budget. Deciding which colors and patterns to work with can be a major task. With innumerable combinations possible, selecting the perfect one is often overwhelming. If you are struggling to settle on any one choice, here are some commercial tile pattern ideas with tips on when to use them.

Cobblestone Pattern

A cobblestone pattern uses at least two different sizes of tiles. Often the larger tiles are a solid color and the smaller ones will have some sort of pattern, which creates an accent once the tile is laid. This pattern is great for rooms that aren’t too large with at least a few items in the room (furniture, bookcases, etc.). In big rooms with large, open spaces, the pattern can dominate the room.

Checkerboard Pattern

A checkerboard pattern alternates two contrasting colored tiles of the same size. Adjacent rows are offset by one tile, creating a checkerboard or chessboard pattern. This is not an overly sophisticated pattern, when done with small to medium sized tiles, but when you choose large tiles, the look can be rather dramatic. In smaller rooms, a pop of color can be added with an area rug.

black and white checkered floor with chair

A Tile Rug

Creating a tile pattern that mimics a rug turns an otherwise mundane floor into a conversation piece. To pull this off, choose an unassuming border tile to go around the entire room. Next, come up with a pattern that could mimic an area rug, and place those tiles where an area rug would naturally go. This works best if your tile ‘rug’ is busy and bright–think oriental rug, not indoor/outdoor carpeting. This pattern requires the most creativity, but it can be quite stunning.

Be Creative with Your Tile Selection

Although coming to a consensus on the floor design could be frustrating on your own, it doesn’t have to be done alone.  Reach out to us for some tips and come see the flooring we have in the warehouse to get inspired.  Take your time to select the right commercial tile, paying careful attention to both your room size and function. Be creative with your ideas, and come see us for expert help.

At Custom Furniture and Flooring, we want to make sure your commercial tile stands the test of time.  We’ve been helping our customers find the right flooring and furniture since 1962, so if you need some help, come by our showroom, call us at 478-237-6483 or contact us to get our expert advice.


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