Common Mattress Sizes

If you’re looking for a new bedroom suite or thinking about buying a new mattress, there are a few things to consider, most importantly being size. Whether your needs be for something as small as a twin or something as huge as a California king, knowing the sizes will help make it easier to shop for a new mattress or bed frame!


Twin and Twin XL (38” – 80” max)

Twin mattresses are almost always 38” wide and can come in many different lengths, all the way up to 80” long for an XL version. These mattresses are typically your smallest variety and are great for small children, dorm residents, or cramped rooms requiring a smaller sized bed.


Full (53” – 75”)

Full sizes mattresses are your standard “two-person” bed. These mattresses can also be called “double mattresses” and are typically a little under twice the width of a Twin. Full-size mattresses can be rather constraining for two adults, but they are great for children’s rooms and delivering extra room to a single sleeper.


Queen (60” – 80”)

A Queen is usually the go-to bedding choice for couples looking for a little extra room on each side. They offer significantly more sleeping space than a Full. For two grown adults, a Queen sized mattress is a good economical choice to combat cramped sleeping arrangements.


King (76” – 80”)

The King size mattress is the mattress you most often find in master bedrooms. They offer plenty of stretch room and can accommodate even the pickiest of sleepers. They do require a larger room to use effectively, however – but, if your room can fit it, a King sized bed will ensure you get that much-needed nights rest every time you need it.


California King (72” – 84”)

Slightly more narrow, but slightly longer than a King sized mattress, California Kings have become popular on the West Coast of the United States and are more than often synonymous with maximum comfort and luxury. These mattresses allow for taller folks to sleep in greater comfort than when on a King.


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