Creating a Welcoming Living Room

You spend a lot of time in your living room. This is not only where your family gathers for movie nights, game time, breakfast cartoons, and much more but also the space you invite guests to. Your visitors may only see this one room of your house, or spend much of their time here so it’s important that you make it as welcoming as possible. There are a few ways to do that to get the most out of your living room for both your family and your guests.

Extra Seating

Of course, when guests show up, there should be plenty of room for them. You don’t want anyone to have to sit on the floor, scooch together, or stand up. Even when it’s just the family, it’s important to have enough space to spread out. Being too close together can get old fast and guests will feel much more welcome if the space is open with lots of seating.


Having guests over can make you feel the pressure to keep them entertained. The truth is you don’t have to keep thinking up charade topics or vacation stories to keep the crowd happy. Consider what your guests might want, including magazines or coffee table books, movies or media, board games or cards, or anything else you can think of.

Light Colors

You might think that the colors of your couch, flooring, curtains, and even walls won’t have much impact on how your guests experience your home but that’s not true. Darker colors make the room look small and as we mentioned, you’ll want your living room to feel and look wide open.

Your guests will love what you’ve done with the place and credit your house as being their favorite stop. Think about what you would love as a guest in someone else’s home and recreate that with your own living space.

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