Creating an Inviting Space for Your Holiday Guests

Are you hosting Christmas at your home this year? If so, you know that part of being a good host is making your guests feel comfortable. You don’t need a huge house to give your family and friends all the comforts of home, especially during the holidays. Check out these tips for making your home inviting for your holiday guests.

Set the Tone

Get those holiday decorations up before your guests arrive. There’s nothing that sets the tone for the season like a decorated tree and lots of lights. You can also ask for your guests’ favorite Christmas movies and plan to have a movie night while they’re over or have those movies playing in the background. Plan some activities that you know your guests will enjoy, whether it’s baking Christmas cookies or driving around to hunt for lights. The holidays are all about making memories with family, so enjoy it!

Make the Bed with Special Linens

This is one simple way that you can go above and beyond for your guests. Fluff up the pillows and make the bed with clean new sheets. If you live in a colder area, you can pull out your winter blankets so they’ll be sure to be warm enough. Some people even have special Christmas bedding that they swap out each season, so this is the perfect time for that. A fresh, clean bed is always more comfortable, and your guests will feel right at home.

Appeal to the Senses

Purchase scented candles or air fresheners in clean, simple scents. This is especially important if you have pets, as your guests probably aren’t used to the odors from your furry friends and might be put off by them. Set out a candy dish with some favorites like mints or chocolates. If your guests include small children, consider picking up a few simple toys that will keep them entertained if they get bored during their stay.

Stock up on Necessities

Be sure that you stock up on anything that your guests might need. This includes food items (both pre-made snacks and ingredients for any recipes you’ll be making) and other necessities like toiletries and soap. A nice way to make your guests feel at home is to provide extra shampoo, lotion, and other bathroom needs in case they forget anything. Even if you don’t use them most of the year, it’s also nice to have some luxuries on hand like bottled water and a few different kinds of drinks.

Make your home welcoming and inviting so that your guests get the most out of their stay. And consider a new Englander mattress, a comfy La-Z-Boy recliner, or new flooring to make your home perfect for the holidays.


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