Custom Blinds for Your Den or Office

One of the most overlooked elements in any home is window treatment. From the bedroom to the den to the home office, too many people don’t realize just how important window treatment is. Without proper window management, any would-be attractive space can become an eyesore instead.


Blinds are a great window treatment option for any space. Starting with the den and home office, there are several factors to consider in your search for the perfect blinds. You need to think of functionality as well as aesthetics in order to find the right balance of the two.

Choosing A Size

If your home office and den are smaller rooms, inside-the-recess blinds might be a perfect fit. This is because you may not have a lot of wall space to work with, so the blind could be draped well within the window’s recess.


Choosing A Style

There are many styles of blinds to choose from. Deciding to pick one over the other can be quite daunting for this reason. For your home office, roman blinds would be a great fit for a classy, formal look that makes for good first impressions — perfect for guests. Venetian blinds are also great for both the home office and den, as they give you better control over the amount of light that gets into the room.


You want to be able to easily open and close your blinds with little effort, so roller blinds are also a good option for the den and home office. Adjusting them to your preference is easy and requires little movement, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your concentration for the sake of personalizing your private space.

Choose a color

Choice of color ultimately comes down to your personal preference. Choose a color that best matches your personality, and paint your home office or den into a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Pairing With Curtains

Curtains and blinds are very versatile window treatment options. They can be picked individually or paired together. When paired together, they can make for a very stylish combination that you can use to spruce up your home office and den. Pick the right color for each room – again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so pick what works for you. For the home office you can pick “warm colors,” such as blue or yellow — perfect for keeping stress at bay.


With all this in mind, if you are looking for curtains or blinds that meet your exact specifications and needs, then custom-ordering might be a better option than buying them ready-made.  While custom-made furnishings might be a little pricier than ready-made drapes, finding the perfect fit may be worth it in the long run. Your choice in home decor can impact how you perceive your surroundings — and how others receive you, after all. If you’re interested in custom blinds then contact us [Custom Furniture and Flooring] at (478) 237 – 6483 or stop by our showroom located in Swainsboro, GA.

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