Deck Out Your Living Room

The living room is a major player in any house that entertains and you want it to look nice, presentable, and at least somewhat impressive. So what kind of things does a living room need?


First off, you’re gonna need somewhere for everyone to sit. You could go with a bunch of random chairs from a yard sale or you could buy nice, matching, comfortable furniture that you know is clean and safe. An armchair, couch, or loveseat are great options for seating — you can even grab all three if you can fit them comfortably. A sectional can be a great fit too if you have the room for it!


If you’ve got a wooden floor you may want to invest in a nice rug to protect your floor from furniture scuffs. A well picked combination of a classy wood floor with a rug that fits well can really improve a room. Not to mention it’ll feel nice on your feet.


In your living room you’re going to want tables of some sort. Not a full on dining table, but a coffee table and a set of end tables can really bring the room together. An end table can be a place for your drink, a spot for that book you can’t put down, or even some stand up picture frames. If you’re doing drinks though you’ll want to invest in a couple of coasters to keep rings off your tables.


Every room has walls but they’re often overlooked in the decorating phase because they’re just kind of there always. But you can really make them up nice — with more than just paint or wallpaper! Putting up a nice mirror in an optimal position makes the room looks much less bare and you can even hang pictures of art, friends, or family — even your favorite pets!
Bringing your living room together is easy to do when you work with Custom Furniture and Flooring. We have many options to fully furnish your living room — not to mention the rest of the house! Remember, you can trust’em at Custom!

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