Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that people love to spend with family, friends, and loved ones. If you’re hosting this year, you’ve probably got relatives who purchased plane tickets, friends who have been working on pies, and partners who are signed up for cooking or dish washing. While the food might seem like the hard part, decorating your dining room for Thanksgiving can be tough too. Use these tips to make sure your lunch, dinner, or potluck is a big hit for everybody invited.


Focus on Your Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the main attraction, the one piece everybody at the table is going to notice. The turkey isn’t the star for most of the dinner, at least not until it comes out. There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating your table with a centerpiece.

One safe bet is to use seasonal items like gourds and pumpkins. These can be utilized in rows or shapes. They can even be placed at individual settings as napkin holders, and place cards can leaned against them or slipped into a slit mini-pumpkin too.

Another option is to simply use seasonal flowers in a long, shallow container. Look for one that’s almost as long as your table, or use more than one. Just make sure there’s room for the people at the ends of the table to comfortably eat and everyone can see each other.

Use Festive Dishes

Dishes are essential for Thanksgiving, and you’ll likely be going through lots of them. Seasonal sets are ideal, and they’re a great investment if you host Thanksgiving regularly.

If you won’t splurge on a seasonal set, go for something in autumn colors or eggshell instead of pure white, or settle for serving dishes in seasonal designs.

First Impressions Matter

You’re going to spend the most time decorating for Thanksgiving in the dining room, but that doesn’t mean the front of your home should go unnoticed.
thanksgiving-arrangement-2-1319349-1598x1202After all, it’s the first thing guests are going to see when they visit for the holiday.

Use decorative wreaths on the front door, pumpkins on the doorstep, and even festive doormats and utilize your fence by hanging some decorations there as well.

Add Small Flourishes

Small touches make a big difference on Thanksgiving. Spend a few extra dollars on the napkins with printed turkeys. Get your silver polished and break out the fancy tablecloth. And enjoys your days off with family to celebrate all that you’re thankful for.


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