Decorating Your Table for The Holidays

As the holidays near, it’s time to prepare to decorate the dining table. Guests and family will appreciate how festive everything will look and the effort you put into creating holiday decor but it doesn’t have to be a lot of effort. Here are some ideas to consider when getting creative decorating your table and home for the holidays.


The centerpiece is one of the main decorations to have on the dinner table. For a rectangular shape table, try using an elongated platter and place several mason jars next to each other. Fill them up with greenery first, then cedar clippings and top them with cranberries. Another idea is to fill the jars with a layer of epson salt and place juniper and cranberries on top. This will provide a festive and beautiful centerpiece. For round tables, use a round wooden piece and place small holiday trinkets on it, including a white porcelain deer, pine cones and birch bark candles. Or place a bowl filled with large bells of red and gold colors surrounded by a wreath in the table for the holidayscenter.


Provide a pop of color with a tablecloth of blue or red plaid. The tablecloth can also be white with colorful trimming or one that is decorated with fall themes.

Create a Winter Wonderland

Consider using blue, white and silver to help create a winter wonderland atmosphere. Use a white tablecloth accompanied with blue and white napkins and plates. Place silver bells and glittery ornaments around the room hanging from the cabinet. Hang white stockings on the wall. Create a centerpiece filled with candles of white, blue and silver colors.


Use green napkins and form them in the shape of a tree or add paper or yarn snowflakes to blue napkins and fold them neatly upon the plate.

For some final touches, add plaid covers to the chairs or a table runner rather than a tablecloth. Place greenery around the room hanging from the light fixtures and placed strategically on the centerpiece and hanging from any mirror or wall decor in the room. Use the holiday decor you already have and be creative with your decorating. Have fun with it and be ready for your holiday guests with a beautiful table.


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