The Different Types of Carpeting

Carpet buying can become stressful. The biggest variable is what kind of carpet would be best for your needs. There are many different types of carpet, and the terms used to describe them can be confusing. Here is a guide to carpet terms, and the carpet styles they signify to help you know exactly what carpeting will be best in your home or business.

There are two basic types of carpet– Cut Pile and Loop Pile.

Cut pile is made by looping the fibers, and cutting evenly. It’s available in many fibers, from synthetics to naturals like rattan and cotton. There are several versions of cut pile carpeting that might be best for your lifestyle.


Plush is the tightest pile in Cut Pile family. It feels almost like velvet under your feet. Its thickness is warm for houses which otherwise would have cold floors. It is so thick that footprints and vacuum marks remain visible for a while. If you are going for a rich, opulent feel, plush is for you.


Shag is a loose deep cut pile, giving a shaggy appearance, as the name suggests. In fashionable neutrals, shag carpet is coming back in popularity. It’s very soft, and may be just what your living room needs.


Frieze is a medium length pile with twisted fibers. A mix between shag and plush, it hides stains and footmarks perfectly. It’s great for the home, because of its long life and livability. However, in high traffic areas, it tends to crush so save this one for your bedroom or guest room rather than the living room.

Conversely, loop pile is not cut, leaving the loops free. It’s pretty much good for any purpose. Here are some common loop carpets.


Originally woven by the Berber tribes of Africa, Berber carpet is very soft and dense. It doesn’t stain easily and hides dirt and lint. It comes in many sized loops and color patterns but the larger the loop, the easier it is to crush the carpeting.  

Cut and Loop

A mix of cut pile and loop pile creates the fun and crazy patterns often seen in fancy hotels and venues.  

Church Carpeting technically can be either cut-pile or cut and loop. It is specially designed to reflect or absorb sound, and to handle heavy foot traffic. It’s generally a tightly packed carpet that easily hides stains and can take on the hundreds of feet that walk through a sanctuary each week. 

Whatever your need, there is a carpet for you. Whether you are looking for formal plush, or a homelike berber, you can find it in any color or pattern at Custom Flooring and Furniture.


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