Flooring For Your Nursery

Your nursery is where your little one will spend the first few years of your life, and where you’re likely to spend many hours too. You want this room to feel as comfortable as possible and a place that you’ll feel safe leaving your little one in. With crawlers, walkers, and yes, fallers, the flooring has to be able to withstand the activity and combat against bumps and bruises. Here are a few great options for your child’s nursery.


With the soft plushness of carpeting, it’s no wonder that many people choose this for nursery flooring. It’s a great choice because your child will likely spend plenty of time on the floor playing. Carpeting can keep them comfortable and safe on the floor, and guard against any injury if they fall or tumble.

Carpeting, however, does have a tendency to gather dirt and dust and is easy to stain. Regular cleaning is needed to clear out all of that debris that could cause allergies or asthma in your little one.


Hardwood is a long-lasting, durable option for many rooms of your house, including the nursery. It’s relatively easy to clean; a quick sweep and mop and your floor is free of allergens and dust. Because it is a “hardwood” this type of flooring won’t be as much of comfort to your child’s slips and spills but a few rugs can remedy this. Small rugs can easily be thrown in the washing machine to clean out anything that may be hiding in the fibers and they’re a great decorative item to tie in the whole nursery theme.


Laminate is an inexpensive and stylish option for many nurseries. It’s softer than hardwood and easy to clean. It’s durable and scratch-resistant, perfect for rambunctious children.

You can rest easy knowing that your little one will be safe and sound in the nursery you’ve so thoughtfully put together for him or her.

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