daycare flooringFlooring Options For Daycares

Flooring Options For Daycares

Any space that houses children, especially a large group of them, should have the right features. You may have already thought about the essentials, like rocking chairs, toys, mats, and more but you might not have considered the flooring choice. There are several options and benefits to each. Let’s look at the types of flooring that could be the best for your daycare business.


One of the best reasons to invest in carpeting is the comfort. Carpet provides a soft space for little ones to run around on or lay on. It cushions falls and prevents bumps and bruises. However, it does tend to harbor germs and holds onto dirt and crumbs. Regular vacuuming and occasional shampooing should be high on your priority list if carpeting is your pick.


Wood is a great choice because of its versatility. Most hardwoods are resilient and can take the beating a group of children might give it. You can lay down rugs to provide some more comfortable areas and cleaning is usually simple and quick. The wood, however, may be too hard for little hands and knees to crawl on and spills might soak in and buckle the flooring.


Laminate is one of the best choices for your daycare. Cleanup is easy and the laminate is soft if someone falls down. Moisture won’t be absorbed and this type of flooring likely won’t allow any germs to settle in. Laminate is also less expensive and can be easily replaced.

The choice ultimately comes down to your needs but it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each flooring type. While one or another may be a great pick for your home or business, it might not fare well in your daycare. Think of the comfort of the children and ease of cleaning and sanitation when you make your decision and you’ll find the right flooring for the daycare.

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