Flooring: Would Carpet or Hardwood Work Better for You?


Hardwood has an unsurpassed natural beauty. For centuries, hardwood floors have set the gold standard for fashionable flooring, a record that holds true for many to this day. There are different kinds of wood to choose from, different designs within the grains of wood, and hardwood flooring lasts for a long time if cared for well. But above all else, hardwood flooring simply looks fantastic. It can come in various forms of varnishing, from gloss of lacquer finishes to spar varnishing, where UV light and water-proofing is essential.


Hardwood floors do not collect dust or gather environmental pollutants as easily as carpet flooring does. This can be helpful for those with allergies, but be careful to clean allergens when they appear. Whereas carpet fibers might trap common allergen particles, such as pollen, hardwood floors can be sterilized in a matter of minutes. It’s often easier to spot potential messes or bacterial hazards on hardwood than it is carpet, and a lot easier to clean them after the fact.


Hardwood floors increase a home’s value. Simply by owning well-maintained hardwood flooring, a house can be sold at a higher price on the retail market. Hardwood floors are an excellent attractor for those looking to buy a home, which in turn contributes to a homeowner’s ability to sell a home. And fortunately, hardwood floors are easily maintained. Imperfections can be sanded from the hardwood, giving it a new appearance that can be preserved for decades. If treated well enough, hardwood can last for centuries – long enough for you to never have to worry about replacing your flooring again.



Carpet floors are much cheaper, easier, and faster to install. For those looking for flooring on a budget, or for those who need a replacement floor quickly, carpeting is a good fit for you. Its life expectancy can go up with routine management, which can include vacuuming and steam cleaning. You would only need to provide a thorough steam-cleaning for carpet once a year, but it would be necessary if you want your carpet flooring to last for long periods of time. With proper care, carpets typically last about ten years and begin to show signs of wear-and-tear afterward.


Carpet floors hide dirt well, so they need to be cleaned less frequently in order to preserve a clean appearance. While carpet floors collect dirt and allergens, they do not pose a risk to allergic homeowners and visitors. Allergenic particles are trapped in between the tufts of carpet and can be disposed of with a good vacuum cleaner. Be aware that carpet does not naturally remove buildup of pollutants or particles if allergies are a prime concern.


Carpet flooring insulates heat very well, in a way no hardwood floor ever match. If you are a person who appreciates a soft, warm floor to touch your toes on first thing in the morning, carpet is a major boon. This can be especially useful during the winter, or where temperatures drop below a certain temperature. Homes without carpet fiber insulation prevent heat loss in homes, which can contribute to smaller bills to pay.


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