Four Benefits of Custom Window Blinds

Your home says a lot about you. You put your personal touch on paint and furniture. You display art that speaks to you in one way or another. You sift through dozens of bathroom tile and spend hours looking for the right granite for your kitchen countertops, but how often do you think about your window blinds? Window coverings often take a back seat to things like new flooring and paint. When they do get consideration, it’s usually stock window blinds or curtains from a big box retailer. After you read the benefits below, you’ll be rethinking how your windows get covered.


Precise Window Measurements

When you buy window treatments from a retail chain, you’re stuck with the sizes they have in stock. This leads to ill-fitting coverings that don’t control the desired amount of sunlight properly. With custom window blinds, a professional will measure your windows and made to those exact sizes. This is one of the most common reasons people get custom window coverings.


Professional Treatment

Having a professional window blind specialist is like having your own interior designer. A professional works with your home’s aesthetic to show you complementary window blinds that work with your decor. They will answer your questions about light or insulating qualities. They’ll also make suggestions, give you advice, or educate you on all your options. With ready-made window blinds, you don’t have as many choices.


Higher Quality Workmanship

You’ve heard the saying “You get what you paid for,” and this is very true with window blinds. Inexpensive, ready-made coverings are exactly what their name suggests. Custom window blinds may cost more, but you’re getting higher quality workmanship and materials. Store-bought blinds break often which leads you having to replace them.


More Energy Efficiency

You lose about 30% of your home’s heating energy through your windows. During the months when you run your air conditioning, 76% of the sunlight that comes through your windows turns into heat. Custom window blinds can help reduce the risk of losing energy and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Ready-made blinds come in standard sizes which makes it difficult if you have odd sizes. This makes them even less energy efficient, but because custom blinds fit better, they help with energy efficiency.


Now that you know the benefits of having custom window treatments, you need to find a company that cares about your vision for your home. Look no further than your locally owned and operated Custom Furniture and Flooring. Contact us today and let us help make your dream home a reality!

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