Four Things You Need for Your College Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step in every college student’s life. Now that you’re out of the dorms, you have a lot more free rein on how you fill and decorate your living space. But if you’re just getting started for the first time, it’s easy to overlook some of the essentials. Check out these four things that you definitely need for your college apartment.


Even if you plan on doing most of your work at the library, every college student should have a desk. By setting up a dedicated workspace, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. It’s easy to get distracted or fall asleep if you try to study in front of the TV or on your bed, but using a desk helps put your brain into work mode, and you’ll get more done. Select one that’s large enough for you to set up a laptop and several books, and add a chair that’s comfortable enough to spend several hours in.

Coffee Maker

If you’re like most college students, you’re probably in a serious relationship with caffeine. Going out to the coffee shop every morning can add up, though, and you know that as a student, every dollar counts. Investing in your own coffee maker at the beginning of your college career could very well save you hundreds in the long run. It’ll also make it easy to get a caffeine fix during those all-nighters when your favorite coffee place is closed.

A New Mattress

You’ll need somewhere to stay when you head back home to your parents’ so bringing your mattress from there isn’t practical. You’ll want a fresh start when moving into your apartment and a new mattress will ensure that you get the best night’s sleep every night, especially when you need it. Fitting your bed with a new Englander mattress pad make a world of difference in your sleep quality and help you be ready for finals week. 


Most students who move off campus no longer have a meal plan. This means that you’ll be responsible for all of your own meals. You could just eat ramen noodles and fast food, but eating out gets expensive, and super cheap meals aren’t exactly healthy. You don’t have to outfit a gourmet kitchen– just buy one pot and pan, a couple of baking sheets, and a spatula. Other items like small indoor grills and fryers are great if you want to experiment in the kitchen. By having all the necessities for cooking, you won’t have to break the bank by hitting McDonald’s every night.

Having everything you need will make the transition that much easier and leave you ready for those college years. Did we miss something you think is a college apartment essential??


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