Furnishing a Child’s Room at Grandma’s

Visiting grandparents is always special for the little ones. Some of life’s richest childhood memories rest in grandma’s house. Upbeat and lengthy songs have even been written about staying there! Creating the best child’s room for all the visiting children to share should also be special.

One Bedroom vs Multiple

If grandma’s house is a little tight and has only one room for all the kids to share, it helps to keep it neutral, rather than gender-specific. Prime colors are an excellent choice, even for multiple spaces. And no one specific theme should play through, so all visitors feel welcome.

But in the true Georgia style, a large set of bunk beds is always in order! With raised platforms, shelves along the sides provide storage space, while saving room. A desk below encourages drawing and crafting. On bunk beds, feathered mattresses are turning toward the hypoallergenic types. Though the substance may be different, the feel remains true, as there are plenty of alternatives. Ladders from floor to the top of the bunk beds should be sturdy, to make sure they’re sturdy enough for climbing.

It is important to leave lots of floor space, where possible, so board and card games can be played, as well as offering opportunities for an indoor campsite. In nearly every child’s memory, sheets and blankets become tents, while siblings and cousins play in wild imagination.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture should be rounded, to avoid sharp corners. Thick rugs offer comfort but are more difficult to clean. Dark, deep, rich woods are the norm for the Georgian interior design. Furniture tends to be a bit heavy, while the curtains are light and airy, for sunshine and breezes to enter and the same is true for children’s rooms.

Lighting should offer two levels: bright and dim. A lamp or nightlight in the corner and a flashlight for those scary campsite stories along with the overhead light gives plenty of options.

Rest assured, visits with grandma and grandpa are special and always will be in a class of their own and having the perfect child’s room for sleepovers will make it that much more special.



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