Furnishing Your Sunroom

A sunroom is a wonderful luxury to add to your home. It will give you a place to unwind from the busyness of the day. Healthy doses of sunlight are beneficial to your health in so many ways– those who get enough sun tend to be happier, for one! If you’re looking at creating your own sunroom, one of the most important things to consider is how you’ll furnish it. Check out our guide to setting up your personal oasis in your home.

Select furniture that is both practical and durable. The sunroom is no place for a black leather couch! You’ll want to consider pieces that will hold up to the amount of sun exposure that the room will receive. Light colors are best, because they won’t fade like dark ones will, and they won’t be too hot to sit on in the middle of the day. You should consider materials such as wicker and bamboo, which are the perfect combination of lightweight and sturdy.

Most of your furniture will be couches, chairs, and other items of the same sort. A chaise lounge is an excellent choice because it allows you to get a full-body tan without having to lie down on the ground. Some ottomans or other foot rests are great too, so that you can prop your feet up while you read, relax, or tan. You should also bring in a small table or two. These are perfect places to set beverages, sunscreen, or whatever else you might need. Be sure to have enough seating for your whole family and any guests you expect to have over– the sunroom will be very popular!

You don’t have to stop at useful furniture. There are many decorative pieces that would be the perfect addition to your sunroom. Potted plants are a great choice– just pick varieties that love the sun as much as you do! Tropical species like potted palms are a great choice because not only will they thrive, but they’ll set a vibe that you can use throughout the rest of your decor. Indoor-outdoor rugs bring in some color and are more durable than the standard indoor-only type. They’ll also be more resistant to fading. Some lightweight curtains or drapes give you the option to let in as little or as much sun as you want at a particular time. They can help keep temperatures down during the hottest part of the day.

Determine what you want to use your sunroom for and go with it. If it’ll be a reading nook, install shelving and comfortable seating. if you’re planning on it being your go-to spot to entertain guests, have plenty of seating and some tables for snacks. Furnish your sunroom to fit your theme and you’ll love having the space for whatever you choose to do with it.


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