Furniture Ideas for the Living Room

If you’re moving into your very own place for the first time, or just redoing your decor, one of the most important spaces in your home is your living room. You’ll spend a lot of your time there, and it’s probably one of the first rooms that your guests will see when they come over. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to do it right. If you’re not sure where to start, these are some tips to keep in mind.



How much seating you’ll need in your home depends on your lifestyle. Do you mostly like to relax at home with your family, or do you enjoy hosting large groups of people for get-togethers? The more people you expect to have in your home on a regular basis, the more seating you’ll need. A big leather couch is everyone’s go-to for this, but don’t be afraid to get creative– from sectionals and sleeper sofas to barstools and bean bag chairs, it’s really all up to you and your personal style, and what makes you most comfortable. Don’t forget to mix it up with some throw pillows and blankets– these are not only great for decoration, but they’re also convenient for chilly days or any time you feel like taking a spontaneous nap.



Good lighting can make all the difference in setting the mood of a room. Avoid fluorescent panels or anything that’s particularly bright– they don’t convey the homey atmosphere that you want to feel when you’re trying to unwind from the day. Experiment with color temperatures. Did you know that there are bulbs that glow with light that’s more blue or white, instead of the traditional yellow? Buy a few and pick your favorite. It’s also a good idea to have a variety of lighting solutions. Your ceiling fan may have several lights on it, for example, and that’s great for when you need a lot of overhead light in the room. If you want things to feel cozier, though, a soft floor lamp or shaded table lamp by the couch will make it homey.



Whether it’s a book collection, years’ worth of DVDs, or all the latest video games, everyone’s got a hobby and it’s bound to take up space. Display the things that are most important to you as part of your living room decor instead of keeping them shoved into a box somewhere. A bookshelf makes your home look stately and educated, while an entertainment center with shelves lets you show off your great taste in movies and TV shows to your friends.


However you choose to furnish your living room, Custom Flooring can help with items from seating to storage. Shop with us today and let your living room show your style.

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