daycare flooringFurniture Options For Your Daycare

Furniture Options For Your Daycare

If you own a daycare, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You’re focusing on educating the minds of little ones and their overall safety. Decor is low on your list but some furniture options could make your job easier and maybe even end up being a better experience for the kids. Here are some essentials you should consider for your daycare.


Bean Bags

Every child wants a bean bag chair in their room. A close second to getting one of their very own is a pile of them at the place they spend most of their day.  These are great places for children to plop down on for reading time, nap time, or just to play with toys.



If you’ll be caring for infants, you’ll definitely want a few rockers lined up. Babies are comforted by the rocking motion and having a place to rock a little one to sleep will save you from hours of pacing. Rocking chairs are great place to comfort ill children or just those who need a little extra attention in a comfortable spot for you and them.




While recliners are similar to rockers, they’re even handier. You’ll love the comfort of them, especially if you’re caring for an especially clingy child or one who will sleep only in someone’s arms. Recliners come in all sizes so you can get a few that are child-sized or even some that are big enough for you and several children.

Once you’ve figured out which furniture pieces would be the perfect fit in your daycare, think about flooring as well. You’ll need something soft for toddling feet and something durable for little messes. There are countless options to meet your needs so discuss what would be best for your business with one of our flooring experts here at Custom Furniture and Flooring.


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