Getting Your Guest Room ReadyGetting Your Guest Room Ready

Getting Your Guest Room Ready

As the holidays near, it’s time to get prepared for any guests that may be staying over. Create a warm and inviting place for the guests to enjoy during their stay and be certain to cover everything, including the smallest details. Here are some ways to get the guest room ready for the holidays.

First, determine how many guests will be staying. If there are children, then additional beds may be needed or a cot to add to the room. Sometimes kids prefer to sleep in sleeping bags to give the feel of camping or sleep overs at a friends house so factor that in.

Next, consider the age of the guests. If there are children, adding a few kid items such as stuffed animals and a few toys around the room will help them feel more at home. For adults, place flowers on the nightstand or books and magazines.

You may want to leave a bottle of wine on the bureau or a plate cookies on a table. These little details can make a world of difference to your guest(s).

If the room is looking a little dull, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or place wallpaper on one wall to liven up the room. Add a nice eye-catching painting over the bed or a long mirror on the wall to add comfort. Area rugs can also help spruce up a guest room.

Place fluffy pillows and comfortable throws on the bed as it will make the room look cozier and inviting and store a few extra blankets in the closet for the cold guest.

Finally, Make sure to wash all of the linens right before the guests arrive so that there is a nice smell in the room. Add any toilet paper and towels that may be needed during their stay so they never have to ask for these items. Go the extra mile with samples of shampoo, lotion, and soap so that the guests will feel like they’ve stayed in a five-star hotel.

Being well prepared for your guest to arrive during the holidays will leave them with a great impression of your home and provide them with an experience they’ll never forget.


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